What Are People Saying About Soho Prime’s Services?

❝I work as a regional sales director, unable to check my business-related or personal mail every day. Instead, I allow Soho to securely keep it in the mailbox, scanning and forwarding it to me. This means my mail is in my pocket.❞

David E

❝It’s really easy – something I didn’t think possible. I can now establish a connection with my audience and build my reputation. I am confident I chose right with Soho Prime’s shipping rates.❞

Jose R
Rodriguez Pallet Designs

❝I run a women’s boutique store with my husband, and like many other small business owners, I do a lot – shipping, returns and warehousing. This is something I’d rather not spend my time on. With Soho Prime, I don’t have to anymore.❞

Elizabeth M
Southern Girl Boutique
and Jewelry

❝Soho Prime has prices that cannot be beaten by any other company. We were able to revamp our storage and shipping process thanks to Soho, allowing us to reduce our costs by 40 percent. This percentage allowed us to invest that 40 percent elsewhere in the company so we can best our competitors.❞

Barbara W
The Inspired Bedding & Bath

❝We’ve been using Soho Prime for more than one year now. The company has allowed our company to decrease its shipping costs so we can easily expand our company. We don’t have to worry about the responsibility. Soho Prime offers a wonderful, high-quality service that’s well worth what you pay. We recommend any small business owner to use Soho Prime.❞

Evelyn J
Java Moon Trails
Powder Coated,
and Monogrammed Cups)

❝We love Soho Prime for the service it provides. It’s the best monthly plan we have so far. I opted for it because our company is at a place where it was hard to contend with new products, but not enough work to maintain the shipping and return process. We had some critical logistics and management principles we were dealing with, and the inner warehouse storage was not to scale.❞

Clarence J
We Together (Personalized
Wedding Gifts)

❝With Soho Prime’s shipping and return feature, we have been able to provide outstanding customer service. We use the Soho Calculator daily to ensure our customers are getting the products they delivered at the lowest possible shipping price. When customers ask to return items, we send them pre-paid shipping labels that Soho products and emails them to customers. Our customers will print the labels out that they can attach to the original box and give them to any UPS store for return.❞

Michael M
Gilmore Girls Jeans

❝Our first Soho Prime package was shipped in late 2016 and, since that time, we have shipped out more than 2,000 packages using the lowest shipping rates they offer. We love how they provide comparison prices for shipping rates, which lets e-commerce store owners to save money. Our customers may make their order using our website or Etsy, picking up pre-stocked toys at a local Soho pickup warehouse. This allows our customers to get the toys they order quicker.❞

Brenda C
Stuffoy (Stuffed Animals
& Plushies)

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