What Are the Advantages Of A Registered Agent

Free For Standard Plan and Above – The service is offered for every plan, free of charge. This means you save more than $100 a year when compared to other similar services.

Privacy Protection – When you’re the registered agent of your own and use your actual address, the information becomes available to your Secretary of State website. However, with the Soho Registered Agent Service, your information is secure, and our address is the registered agent instead.

Access Documents Same Day As Received – Any legal documents you get will be scanned immediately and made available to you that day. Other agents will just ship the documents to you, which cuts into the time you have to talk with legal counsel. You may also have to pay for those documents to be shipped to you.

Designated Agent Service For Your Company

Whether you are a Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership or Corporation, we will assign you a registered agent for your company. We will be your registered agent for the processing and receiving of legal documents. Use your registered agent service along with a Soho Addressᵀᴹ for an all-inclusive business mail solution.

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