Why Should You Use Our Check Deposit Service

Convenient – Turn in a deposit request online, saving you time, money and gas that comes from traveling to the bank.

Simple Process – There’s no complex process to set up. We’ll use your already established accounts. So long as your bank supports the mail-in deposits, then everything will be good.

Rapid Process – We will process your request and deposit within one business day. Funds are seen within one week of the deposit.

Cost-Effective – You don’t make any commitments, there are no monthly fees, and you don’t have to worry about setup costs. You pay for only the deposits made. If you want, deposit more than one check at a time for more savings.

Deposit Checks To Any Bank – Make deposits to any U.S. bank that provides a mail-in deposit service (brokerage firms, online banks and traditional banks.

Accept U.S. Payments – Even if you’re operating your services overseas, you can get checks from your American customers.

Worldwide Service – Regardless of your location, we allow you to deposit your checks remotely.

The Pricing Structured For Our Check Deposit Service

You don’t pay a monthly fee, and you don’t pay a certain amount for your deposits. You only pay for what’s used. 

Per Deposit – You pay a small fee for all deposits submitted. Your deposits can include more than one check for one bank. Deposits for different banks are not counted as one.

Additional Checks – For every check deposited, we charge extra. The first check will be free.

Mail Delivery Method – All deposits have a free mail delivery using First Class Mail from USPS. If you want to use other delivery options, there is an additional fee.

Service Fees – These fees are billed directly to your account, then withheld from the account balance.

Mail-In Check Deposit Service

Your Soho Prime account comes with a check deposit service, which means you never have to step foot in a bank. Our check deposit service is the most convenient way in which to deposit checks that come to your Soho Prime account. When a check goes through your mailbox, you can ask that it be deposited into your account. The request will be processed and the deposit mailed in one business day. The bank will process the deposit and the amount credited to the account.

❝I work as a regional sales director, unable to check my business-related or personal mail every day. Instead, I allow Soho to securely keep it in the mailbox, scanning and forwarding it to me. This means my mail is in my pocket.❞

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